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Moye, Waters and Associates, LLC is dedicated to meeting the audit, accounting and consulting needs of non-profit organizations in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and the Navajo Nation. Our primary goal is to provide superior customer service that is supported by technical expertise, exceptional client communication, and an appreciation for the non-profit organization’s mission.

We believe that an audit should not focus only on the compliance aspects of an operation. An audit also provides an opportunity for an organization to evaluate and improve the processes of internal control, service delivery, and operational capacity. 

Our firm provides audit and accounting services under a policy of specialization and exclusivity. We specialize and limit our practice to providing accounting and audit services to non-profit organizations. Our firm continuing education is dedicated exclusively to issues of importance to non-profit organizations. We maintain an extensive library containing accounting, audit, tax research and reference guides that are applicable to the management and operation of non-profit organizations. We employ the latest auditing technology in the performance of our services. We are experienced in the auditing of both manual and computerized accounting systems. Our audit methodology is also exclusive in nature. In performing your audit we focus solely on your organization. We dedicate all of our firm resources to the execution and delivery of your audit. We do not assign junior level staff to your audit. The firm principal and the most experienced members of Moye, Waters and Associates, LLC will perform your audit.

We will not use any persons who are not currently employees of Moye, Waters and Associates, LLC to perform any portion of the audit. We perform our audit procedures using paperless technologies.

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