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Client 990 Checklist

To put your Form 990 together, we will need the following documentation:

  • Previous years Form 990
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement with functional expenses
  • Fixed asset schedule 
  • Name and email of principal officer
  • Number of 1099's issued
  • Number of W-2's issued
  • Number of W-2 G's issued (if applicable)
  • List of board members and the number of voting members. Are any related?
  • Wages earned by top 5 highest paid employees and are they attributed to fundraising, general or program
  • Description of 990 review process
  • Who are the books in care of?
  • How are governing documents available to the public?
  • A list of current year's program service accomplishments
  • Names and addresses of contributors and amount from each
  • Detail any political/campaign/lobbying activities (if applicable)
  • Detail any gaming activities; ex. bingo or pull-tabs (if applicable)

Yes or no -

  • Do you have to comply with backup withholding rules?
  • Do you have a conflict of interest policy? If yes, how is your policy enforced?
  • Do you have a whistle-blower policy?
  • Do you have a document retention policy?
  • Do you have a compensation review process for CEO, exec. director, officers, key employees?
  • Were you reviewed or audited by an independent accountant? If yes, does your board assume responsibility over review and selection process? On what basis were the financial statements issued?
  • Are you required an audit(s) per Single Audit Act & OMB Circular A-133

If you have any other information you think is applicable and not included in the list above, please include it with details.

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