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The 990 Project


The 990 Project is an effort to increase the quality of Form 990 preparation services for small and medium sized non-profit organizations.   


The Form 990 is your Organization’s most widely distributed document. It is made available to all who wish to see it via the internet. You are required to make it available for public inspection as a condition of maintaining non-profit status. The Form 990 is subject to increased scrutiny from funders, donors, state and federal governments. It is your Organization’s opportunity to express its mission, its accomplishments, and its worthiness of public support to a worldwide audience.

An improperly prepared Form 990 can lead to decreased funding opportunities and a diminished public image. The incorrect answer to questions on the form can cause readers to question the adequacy of the Organization’s governance, accounting systems, and internal controls.


A dedicated team was created within the CPA Firm of Moye, Waters and Associates for the sole purpose of increasing the quality of Form 990 reporting. The members of this team consist of J. Michael Moye, Enrolled Agent; Ollie D. Waters, CPA, CMA; Heidi Garrett and Marina Sondergaard.

Training - Each member of this team has completed extensive training on preparation of the form 990, the concepts and theory behind the contents of the form, and how to identify and eliminate reporting errors. In addition each member of the team regularly attend IRS seminars on form changes and participates in ongoing continuing education dedicated solely to Form 990 and non-profit organization tax and accounting issues.

Form Preparation – Each member of the team is acutely aware that the Form 990 encompasses more than just numbers. In addition to making sure the return balances, we check for inconsistencies in the financial statement. We will interview the appropriate member of management or the Board in order to ascertain the appropriate reporting for governance activity, taxes, policy formulation, and organizational accomplishments.

Delivery – We are a green office. We process your accounting data using paperless processing technology. We will establish a secure, encrypted portal for your organization on our website. This portal is similar to the one you use to access your banking information. We use your portal to transfer documents in a secure environment. A section of your portal is dedicated to storing current and historical Form 990s for easy retrieval, storage and submission to interested parties. Your Form 990 will be submitted to the IRS electronically upon approval by management or the Board. Your portal is available to your organization 24hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Support  - Members of the 990 Project are available for consultation via the internet, phone or in person. On our website we provide sample policies and procedures that your organization can adapt to their specific needs. We archive and update content that addresses concerns and questions submitted by clients. We also provide links to websites that provide additional information relevant to the non-profit environment. In addition we provide representation for your organization in penalty and interest cases before the IRS.


Our pricing is simple. Our base fee is $500 for the form 990EZ and $750 for the full form 990, plus $25 per schedule. The fee for IRS representation is dependent upon the issue.


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Ollie D. Waters, CPA, CMA           odwaterscpa@moyewaters.com

Allison Hang                              ahang@moyewaters.com

J. Michael Moye, EA, ATP             jmoye6@moyewaters.com

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